Stomach Virus Spreading

Wednesday, March 11, 2009 - 5:53pm

A nasty stomach virus has people rushing into local emergency rooms and doctors’ offices and the numbers are rising. Flu season is still in full swing, but some other winter viruses that are popping up are causing many to rush to the hospital.

Imagine waking up in a sweat, breathing has become a challenge, and nausea takes over your entire body. Right now, that’s what many people in the Baton Rouge area are facing. There have been reports of this quickly spreading virus at Baton Rouge General and Our Lady of the Lake Hospital. On Tuesday night a man was rushed to the Baton Rouge General emergency room where he was diagnosed with gastroenteritis. The stomach virus consumed his body so fast he quickly became dehydrated and had to be hooked to an IV.

Dr. Charles Geno with the Family Health Center says these types of viruses are common as Spring approaches. He says getting vaccinations are always helpful, but there’s only one way to fully protect yourself, by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. “One of the most important ways to keep yourself well is to take care of yourself, get plenty of rest, exercise, and eating regular foods.”

Geno also stresses washing your hands. Although using household disinfectant can help, good old fashion washing or sterilizing of your hands is the best protection of all. “You try and keep your area relatively clean, but you can’t go around with a wipe wiping everything down with Lysol, it’s just not, it’s not functional. You can’t avoid all the viruses and germs that are out there.”

Dr. Geno says if people find themselves with the same type of symptoms shared in this story and you have trouble holding down fluids then you need to get medical attention immediately. Viruses like these are extremely contagious and can be extremely harmful to children.