Storm Damages House in Baker

Thursday, April 2, 2009 - 6:47pm

Baton Rouge has been under a tornado watch all day and some heavy weather and damaging winds have slammed our area.

There was only one home that was severely damaged in Baker, it’s owner says today’s storm caused more damage to his property than Hurricane Gustav. Mike Seth was in his kitchen when all of a sudden, “I heard a boom and I came outside.” Outside the howling winds tore apart a tree in his front yard with several of the branches crashing down on two of his cars that were parked in the driveway. “Home is home and nothing like home looking at my car, I’m not thrilled at all.”

Seth says the wind ripped a tree branch clear across his yard, knocking down a power line and creating an electric fire. He says the only thing that he could do was pray that his house wouldn’t catch fire and that the flames wouldn’t spread to his mother’s house next door.

Seth grabbed a hose and tried to put out the flames himself, not knowing it’s dangerous to try to put out electric fires with water. Luckily emergency crews arrived and put out the fire before any more damage was done. This wasn’t the way Seth was hoping to spend his day off from work, but he says things could have been much worse. “I’m still here breathing, alive, I’m thankful.”

Others in the area said that winds were so strong it sounded like a train was rolling through and the sky was so dark that it looked like it was night time.