String of Home Invasions

Monday, February 2, 2009 - 5:38pm

A series of home invasions in Ascension Parish have some homeowners on high alert. As FNBR’s Lauren Unger found out, some people are going to new measures to make sure their property is safe.

Dianne Peyton keeps her valuables and her family safe in her home. Like many neighbors, she’s been rattled by a string of home invasions, some involving men armed with guns. Now she plans to make a purchase. “I haven’t ever owned a gun, but now I’m going out today and go out when I leave work and buy a gun.”

The Ascension Sheriff’s Office is handling the crimes in its own way, beefing up patrols. In fact, neighbors tell us sometimes they’ve seen several patrols coming through these streets to keep the area safe just within a few hours, and other people have turned to different means to protect their property.

At Custom Security Systems, the phones are ringing, people looking for their own piece of safety. Many of the calls are coming from Ascension Parish as folks hear the news about the break-ins. The phones aren’t only ringing with calls from future customers. Officials say they’re seeing more home invasions. They blame it on increased security at businesses.

Quentin Gunther of Custom Security Systems says, “You see cameras, you see alarm systems, the criminals know these are hard places to break into, so they’ve been pushed into a different type of crime and that’s what we call our home invasion.”

It is a new trend that has some homeowners on edge.

Authorities are looking for two cars, a black 2002 Chevy Impala or a dark colored Nissan or Jetta. They believe the crimes are related and have released a sketch of a possible suspect. If you have any information call 621-INFO.