Troop A Website for "A"ssist Program

Wednesday, February 18, 2009 - 6:57pm

State Police asks Louisiana drivers to speak out! As FNBR’s Emily Turner reports, a new program developed by Troop A will allow local motorists to point out the problem areas.

Officers with Troop A say they have always paid attention to the public when it comes to their concerns. Sgt. Markus Smith says, “As an agency we look at the problem areas around the Troop A area, but it helps to have that additional input from the community."

While their front door and phone lines will remain open, State Police urges the community to continue playing an active role by taking part in the new assist program. It is a program that allows citizens to voice their concerns via computer.

All you have to do is go to the website, click on the email link, describe the problem area, date, time, and location, press send, and you’re done. Sgt. Smith says every email received will be screened. “We’re looking for reporting on problems with speeding, aggressive driving, people running red lights, anything that is just a hazard to the motor public in general.”

If a certain area shows a higher concentration of these types of reported violations, he assures those locations will soon see more units on patrol. “All the troopers, their goal is to have the maximum impact out on the road and with that direction we know that we are hitting all the spots that are important to the public.” Smith says the public will soon be allowed to track the activities of Troop A via their website. Click here for Troop A’s "A"ssist Program.