Water Problem turns into Mosquito Problem

Thursday, April 23, 2009 - 6:46pm

A little water is turning into a big problem in one neighborhood. As our Lauren Unger found out now the city’s stepping in and threatening legal action.

Water is turning this Valley Park neighborhood into a washout. Basil Waldron is a Youth Pastor at House of God Ministries. His church has been struggling with the wayward water for nearly a year. “We got weeds and water cause the water’s constantly feeding and growing the weeds.” And besides the weeds, there are some tiny but dangerous additions. “It is just a frenzy ground for some of the mosquitoes.”

One man’s backyard has been turned into a small riverbed. Neighbors say it’s coming from a house up the street. A concerned neighbor says, “He doesn’t have constant use of his backyard, because the water flow keeps constantly flowing through his backyard and he just wants the job taken care of so he can use his backyard.” Neighbors have put out boards to sure up the soggy earth and they’ve seen cleaned out drainage areas, but they say so far none of it has helped.

Landowners in the area say they’ve spent thousands to fix foundations from the wet ground. They say they’ve complained to just about everyone with no results. “It’s almost like nobody can do anything about it.” The water company stopped by today. They say the person is paying the bills so they can’t shut it off. We couldn’t get a hold of the owner, but the city has. According to the Public Works Department their hands are tied, now they’re taking that owner to court to force him to fix the leaky problem.

A community hoping the law can finally halt the waterworks happening in their own backyard. The city’s mosquito control department says it will be spraying the area once a week until the problem is resolved. The matter heads to court May 11th.