WBR Dog Laws

Friday, April 24, 2009 - 6:54pm

Protecting people in West Baton Rouge from vicious is what officials in the parish are looking to do. As our Lauren Unger explains, these tougher laws are all because of a series of tragic events. Officials in West Baton Rouge say several tragic dog maulings have them taking a closer look at their laws.

District Attorney Rickey Ward says, “A lot of people are looking for some answers.” Community members and officials in Pointe Coupee were shocked after a 4-year-old boy was mauled to death by three boxers. Cathy Lopez, a concerned resident says, “I knew for 9 years now something would have to happen like this to wake the parish up to say wait a minute we need to do more.”

Apparently, the incident has been a wake-up call for other parishes as well. Nearby in West Baton Rouge, they’ve turned a critical eye towards their own vicious dog ordinance. WBR Councilman Keith Washington, Sr. says, “We want to prevent, we want to have something in place if something like this happens again.”

Right now leaders say there isn’t a solid rule that applies to the whole parish. Plus in some of the parish towns, a law allows a dangerous dog to just be transferred to another area. “That’s kind of like defeating the purpose, I mean, if somebody gets murdered, do you ship the murderer to another parish?” They’ve already had some of their own run-ins with dogs on the attack in Brusly and other areas. “The bottom line—if a dog attacks someone in West Baton Rouge Parish, we don’t want to have to ship them to another state. We want to have the measures in place to where we can put the dog away.” A community learning a lesson from another’s pain.

Officials aren’t sure when the ordinance will be completed, but we’ll keep you updated as it unfolds.