You can Now pay EBR Traffic Tickets Online

Monday, November 16, 2009 - 11:02am

East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office traffic tickets can now be paid online through the EBRSO website at Sheriff Sid Gautreaux hopes this convenient method will cut down on outstanding traffic warrants and allow residents to take care of their tickets from work or home.

Sheriff Gautreaux has lead a collaborative effort with DA Hillar Moore, Clerk Doug Welborn and the Judges of the 19th JDC to implement the first online ticket payment system for District Court Tickets. The system has been operating in a trial mode since October 8, 2009.

As a new system, initially only Sheriff issued tickets (comprising 60% of the District Court traffic ticket docket) are payable through the website. The Sheriff welcomes other law enforcement agencies to participate in the future through the same website for online payment. Not every ticket will be payable online as the law does require Mandatory court appearances for some specific offenses.

By offering payment online to residents, Sheriff Gautreaux hopes they will find it more convenient to handle their traffic tickets in a manner that does not require them to take time off from work, fight for parking downtown, and go to four different offices as is involved in paying a ticket today.

The Sheriff is optimistic that District Court tickets will soon experience the same success as City Court, where 50% of traffic tickets are paid online without any appearance by the resident. The system will accept payment by credit card and check. All online check payments have a one dollar processing fee. A percentage of the ticket amount due determines credit card and debit cards online fees. Most questions can be answered by our “Frequently Asked Questions” section.

If a resident does not have access to a computer at home, work, or the library; they can come to the Sheriff's payment's office (2 floor of Governmental building) where personnel will assist them to complete the online payment process. Traffic tickets can be paid up until midnight the day before the trial scheduled on their ticket.

The Sheriff’s Office has 30,000 traffic warrants outstanding. By making the process easier to comply with, Sheriff Gautreaux hopes the Sheriff's Warrant recovery resources can be more effectively deployed to locate the other outstanding warrants.