Obama calls on world to focus on roots of ISIS, al Qaeda extremism

President Barack Obama called for a global effort to combat violent extremism and urged countries around the world to address the root causes that fuel groups like ISIS and al Qaeda during a speech Thursday before hundreds of foreign officials

Dr. Jeffrey Keller brings the "War on Alzheimer’s" to Rotary Club

Doctor Jeffrey Keller of the Pennington Biomedical Research Center was the guest speaker at the Baton Rouge Rotary Club meeting on Wednesday.

What happens when the BR General ER closes?

Time is up for the Baton Rouge General emergency room in Mid City. Hospital executives say they'll close the emergency room regardless of any outside plans to save it.

UPDATE: Deputies find 15-year-old runaway missing from St. Amant

UPDATE: 15-year-old runaway Micah Williams who had bee missing since last Wednesday has been found, according to the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office.

State police urge drivers to limit distractions

 Last week a bunch of drivers not paying attention to the road almost cause a chain reaction car wreck.

America's latest indulgence? Bacon-wrapped pizza!

The baconification of America just reached a new level. No longer is it enough to have bacon on your pizza. A new menu offering from Little Caesars will also wrap 3.5 feet of bacon around the pizza's crust.

New app lets you see how aggressive you drive

Now you can track how well you drive. Direct Auto Insurance has a new app.

Broadmoor High students get lesson on impaired driving

More than 25 years in prison, that's what one Broadmoor High student faces... well, not officially. The student wasn't really sentenced to that long in prison, but it could happen.

New Dr. Seuss book set for release in July

But we have to pick ONE pet And pick it out soon. You know mother told us To get back by noon! If that cadence sounds familiar, but you can't place the words, don't be alarmed.

Muhammad Ali signs deal with Under Armour

"Look who's back! Muhammad Ali." That was 1980, when he was back on the cover of Sports Illustrated.