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Snowball Express: Serving the children of fallen military heroes

An organization called Snowball Express is helping to make Christmas a little brighter for the children of fallen soldiers. One little girl here in Baton Rouge was whisked away to Dallas today for the trip of a lifetime.

Reported flu cases at an all-time high in Louisiana

 Louisiana is one of the worst-hit states when it comes to the flu virus. That's why doctors are urging people to get the vaccine.

How graduates miss out on $54 million a year

 College students in Louisiana are not taking advantage of financial aid programs. Apparently, louisiana's college students leave $50 million in aid unclaimed each year.

White, wealthier students receiving majority of TOPS money

We have a civil rights issue here in Louisiana involving our children. White, wealthier students are receiving the majority of our state's free college money TOPS.

Jessica Chambers' phone provides leads, prosecutor says

In this patch of rural Northwest Mississippi, the tire tracks stand out. They lead up an embankment to a tree, partially scorched from the car fire that would ultimately kill Jessica Chambers

Deputies searching for 17-year-old runaway from Prairieville

The Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office is attempting to locate a 17-year-old runaway named Austin Boudreaux.

Is this photograph worth $6.5 million?

Someone just dropped $6.5 million to buy this photo. Its photographer Peter Lik claimed it was the most expensive photo ever sold and declared that he had "officially made art history." But was it worth that much?

Homeowner leaves poop package for thieves

Revenge is a dish best served cold and in the case of a D.C. couple, stinky.

CIA torture report a best seller on Amazon

The best selling spy book on isn't some thriller from Tom Clancy or Ian Flemming. It's an electronic edition of the Senate's report on the CIA's brutal interrogation program, the so-called torture report.

Report: Non-student females face more sexual assault than students

Women not enrolled in college faced more cases of rape and sexual assault than those on campus for the period of 1995-2013, a new Department of Justice report shows.