Residents in Denham springs on high alert over fears of flooding

The rain has been coming down this week and people living along the Amite River in Denham Springs know all this rain could mean flooding.

LSU researchers come up with app to help local fishermen

Louisiana fishermen will soon be able to navigate through hurricane season a little easier.

Gonzales mom of five keeping the faith after layoff

  "You have to let that pride go, and you have to do what you have to do for you and your family," said Shamike Crutchfield. Shamika Crutchfield is a single mom of five and a construction worker by trade.

BR Airport faces issues with only 1 commercial runway open

The Baton Rouge Metro Airport still only has one runway open for commercial flights and on Tuesday night, it was shut down for nearly four hours!

It's time to put a woman on the $20 bill

Forget about Andrew Jackson and his big hair. It's time we put a woman on the $20 bill.

Ferguson's not the only city to get scathing federal report

The report is daunting, and tears apart the Ferguson Police Department's systemic discrimination against blacks.

Ohio fugitive nabbed after taunting authorities on Facebook

A suspect from Ohio learned a valuable lesson this week: Don't taunt authorities on social media, especially when you're a wanted man.

94 million Americans say: 'Enough with winter, already'

It's not quite from sea to shining sea, but the latest winter storm gets an "A" for effort (or is that an "E"?).

BR Metro Council member look to San Antonio for mental heath facility options

The Baton Rouge Metro Council wants to build a mental health facility. They just need to figure out how they are going to pay for it. They say one way to fund the facility is to lower prison populations.

DOTD is getting creative to raise funding

With Louisiana lawmakers using every trick in the book to cut down our 1.6 billion dollar deficit every extra dollar helps.