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Riders threw drug testing kits during Metairie parade, JPSO says

Two float riders are accused of throwing promotional drug testing kits Sunday during the Krewe of Napoleon.

Texas restaurant gets threats after Facebook post

A restaurant in Pasadena, Texas, is receiving random threats after a customer's Facebook post went viral.

Lundi Gras parades to start earlier in New Orleans

Because of expected rain, some Lundi Gras parades will start earlier. The city of New Orleans announced Proteus will start at 4 p.m. instead of 5:15 p.m.

Myths and secrets of presidential monuments

 Park Rangers at the Lincoln Memorial see it almost every day: Tour guides telling eager visitors that the number of steps leading to the temple match Lincoln's age when he died; that his white hands send a message in sign language; an

Winter spreads its reach from Northeast to South and beyond

Do you see mountains of snow or freezing rain outside your window, but have friends in Florida or California who don't understand the big deal with the severe winter weather?

Amazon isn't happy with FAA's proposed drone rules

The government's new drone proposal would open the skies to a whole list of new uses -- but not Amazon deliveries.

Coming soon: A change in who gets overtime pay

The Obama administration is expected to move forward soon on its plan to provide overtime pay protections to low-salaried managers who don't qualify for them.

Wanted at police departments: Guns that don't kill

The Police Force Triple Defender is an outlandish new weapon that's designed specifically not to kill you.

Solar flair: NASA mission provides mesmerizing images of the sun

For five years, a NASA spacecraft has drifted through the heavens, providing astronomers with the most detailed views of the sun to date.

Southern U.S. faces messy mix of snow, ice and sleet

As a weary Northeast remains buried in snow , the South is gearing up for a messy mix of snow, sleet and ice.