Trends show homemade gifts are in, caroling is out

We know all about the twelve days of Christmas -- with all those lords a leaping and ladies dancing and five gold rings.

Ex-Tiffany's executive sentenced in theft of $2 million in jewelry

A former vice president of product development at Tiffany & Co. was sentenced Monday in U.S.

Tips for getting started with your new mobile gadget

If you are one of the lucky many to have received a new tablet or smartphone over the holidays, congratulations! You'll want to rip open the box and start playing right away.

'Santa' wounded by pellet shot, but Grinch keeps on giving to needy children

A man dressed as Santa Claus and giving away gifts to needy children in Washington was shot by a pellet gun Tuesday in the midst of his rounds, according to police.

UPS backlog means missing gifts under Christmas tree for some

Santa wasn't the only one racing against the clock to get packages to homes last night. UPS was too. But some of you may find a few gifts missing under the Christmas tree this morning.

Bank robber dresses as Santa

A bank robber wearing a Santa hat and beard walked into a Port Orange, Florida, bank and walked out with loot, police said Tuesday. The incident took place Monday at a SunTrust Bank.

Carlos Santana reunited with homeless former band member

Earlier this month, a homeless man who was interviewed by a news crew told them he used to play in Carlos Santana’s band. Thanks to the hard work of a diligent reporter, a Christmas wish was granted.

Service offers alternative ways to get home safely during the holidays

We have a safety alert for you as we approach the new year. A lot of you may be going to holiday parties within the next couple of weeks. Local businesses want to make sure you stay safe if you've had one too many.

Woman on phone: 'I have to go, I'm getting arrested for DUI again'

A woman arrested for drunken driving had reportedly finished a six-pack before heading to pick her daughter up, police said.

Debit vs Credit: Which is safer when holiday shopping?

The countdown to Christmas is now one we're measuring in hours -- not days -- and this year, the holiday rush has an extra complexity, as shoppers wonder what the safest way to pay for their purchases is.