Long road to recovery for victims of Turner Plaza apartment fire

This was a bad week to be out in the cold. But that was the reality for dozens of people whose apartments burned down in a fire.

Local comic book artist wants to create more opportunities in South Louisiana

A well-known Lafayette comic book artist is hoping to help other artists get and keep jobs here at home.

Crawfish demand high, supply low: due to harsh winter and recent freezes

Crawfish season is in full swing but crawfish farmers are struggling out there.

Hundreds line the streets for a shot at 'So You Think You Can Dance'

The dancers came from all over the south, from Texas to Alabama to right here in Louisiana. All are hoping for the same thing, a chance to dance on the hit show ‘So you think you can dance.’

Norovirus: The most common stomach bug

Princess Cruises' Caribbean Princess docked early Friday in Houston, ending passengers' vacations a day early amid an outbreak of norovirus.

Wal-Mart: Food stamp cuts to hit profits

Wal-Mart Stores warned Friday that cuts to the nation's food stamps program late last year will hurt its bottom line.

Local dairy sees benefit for farmers, consumers in Farm Bill

Farmers are breathing a big sigh of relief. The U.S. House of Representatives passed a Farm Bill, and it will likely become law soon.

Atlanta snow aftermath: Ice? melting. Stalled cars? Removed. Politics? Still snarled.

With almost the same vigor as icy weather sent greater Atlanta into traffic paralysis this week, state and local officials have swept up its aftermath. That includes the removal of 2,029 abandoned cars by dawn Friday.

First minority in middle district of LA appointed U.S. Chief Probation Officer

 For many, Thursday was a day of history. "I've always wanted to be the first at someth

Emergency kit could help stranded drivers

When wintry weather ripped through the South, some Atlanta drivers got stuck on the roadways for hours on end. In Louisiana that wasn’t the case.