A month closer to peak of hurricane season

Typically, July is a quiet month during the Atlantic Hurricane season. According to the National Hurricane Center, the season does not peak until mid-August and will stay active through late-October.

Louisiana Iron Airman challenge promotes fitness resiliency

All Airmen must maintain fitness standards as a mission readiness requirement. However, fitness can also be used as a great motivator for people to achieve higher levels of resiliency.

Egyptian military issues warning over protests

Egypt's armed forces sent a stiff message to the country's embattled president and his political opponents and allies, saying Monday that the growing governing dispute must be resolved in 48 hours or it will step in to restore order.

Thousands of borrowers to get mortgage payments reduced

Starting this week, hundreds of thousands of struggling borrowers could be in for a pleasant surprise: a quick and easy way to get their mortgage payments back on track -- and save considerable money.

Texas abortion battle continues, heads into second special session

If at first you don't succeed ...

The heat is on in southwestern U.S. - enough to melt sneakers

When it's so oppressively hot that your sneakers melt, there's a run on your ice cream shop, and your July 4th plans are dashed, then there's really not much else you can do but bear it and grin.

19 firefighters killed in Arizona blaze; 'Our entire crew was lost'

The 19 firefighters were part of an elite squad who confronted wildfires up close, setting up barriers to stop their destructive spread. But the inferno blazing across central Arizona proved too much.

Student loan rates doubling on Monday

Students preparing to take subsidized government loans will see their interest rates double to 6.8% from current levels, starting Monday, July 1.

High court lets same-sex marriages in California continue

The U.S.

Curious chess set causes big scene in Mandeville

Mandeville Police responded to the call of a suspicious package placed on the front doorstep of a former IRS agent. The package turned out to be a chess set.