Community Coffee partners with customers to give Military a taste of home

In 2013, Community Coffee reached a new landmark of more than 20,000 pounds of coffee shipped to overseas military personnel through its Military Match program.

Application process for EBR Pre-K to start in Jan.

The application process for Pre-K classes that start in the fall of 2014 begins Monday, Jan. 27. The process will continue through Friday, Jan. 31, 2014.

Possible Velveeta shortage looms

Bad news sports fans: Some store shelves are running low on Velveeta, right during a prime season for the popular processed cheese, according to a company spokeswoman.

American mom wants European M&Ms

What gives M&Ms their bright colors? That depends on which country you're in.

Weather: South paw to wallop polar vortex back up to Canada

Soon, it will be time to strike up an old fight song and send the iceman packing: "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye!"

Ascension Parish Sheriff's office to protect Sorrento; no police presence on weekdays

After months without a police department, the town of Sorrento has reached a solution, for now, at least.

Bayou Crab camp owner speaks out after crooks stole propellers,boat gear

George Cook has a camp on Bayou Crab. It's the spot he said he and his family go to get away. Then on Saturday Cooke explained he noticed something had changed, something was missing.

School delays cause problems for parents: some miss work others simply worry

Across our region students got the day off, while others got a few extra hours to sleep in but parents are less than pleased with the decisions the districts made about this cold weather.

Frozen pipes cause damage across Baton Rouge

Dozens of people across the Capitol City awoke to small floods Tuesday morning as their water pipes buckled under the pressure of this winter chill.

Zoo animals stay warm year-round

We have another cold night ahead of us, and everyone's double checking to make sure they're ready for it. However, what about the zoo animals who aren't used to these frigid temperatures at all?