Former State Fire Marshal Dies At 86

Former Louisiana State Fire Marshal, Carroll Herring passed away shortly before noon on December 26, at a Baton Rouge hospital. Herring was surrounded by friends and family members.

VIDEO: Close call with deer in St. Gabriel parking lot

Surveillance video from Fred’s Travel Center on highway 30 in St. Gabriel captured an unusual sight. Scott Delatte, the business owner, said the deer went galloping through the Travel Center parking lot.

Lake Charles man dies from self-inflicted gunshot wound

Lake Charles police responded to the 400 block of Louie Street on Thursday morning, Dec. 26, regarding a victim with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. When they arrived, officers found the 20-year-old male victim already deceased.

Shoppers take advantage of after Christmas deals

If you prefer buying in a store, holiday shopping is still in full swing. Right now, some stores are offering discounts of up to 80%.

How to keep holiday left overs safe

Part of the fun of the holidays is eating the big family meal and enjoying the delicious left overs. Following some simple rules can keep our food safe

Coast Guardsman to face court martial for sexual assualt

A Coast Guardsman accused of sexual misconduct is set to go before a court-martial in April of 2014.

CNN Poll: GOP has edge in early midterm indicator

Democrats have lost their advantange and Republicans now have a slight edge in the battle for control of Congress, according to a new national poll.

There yet? UPS, FedEx moving Christmas packages late

UPS has trucks up and running Thursday -- and hopes that holiday cheer may assuage the frustrations of angry customers.

'Tranquil weather' and power outages through the end of the week

As the weather goes, there's good news and bad news.

BR woman, 'LSU's oldest fan' celebrates 100th birthday on Christmas

While many are still soaking in Christmas day, December 25th is another special milestone for Tina Bonanno. "[I'm] 100. They say I don't look my age...Do I?" she laughed.