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LSP continue to prepare in case any mass casualty occurs here in Louisiana

The country is still recovering from the mass shooting in D.C. Monday, as officials continue to learn more about the gunman and the victims.

State Police on the lookout for expired or fake inspection stickers

If you have an expired or fake inspection sticker on your car, you're not just putting yourself in danger, but your fellow drivers too.

Burn ban issued for 31 parishes within Louisiana

Due to the extremely dry conditions in certain Parishes within the state, State Fire Marshal, H.

'Grotesque' misconduct gets Danziger Bridge case tossed

Blasting what he called "grotesque prosecutorial misconduct," a federal judge Tuesday ordered a new trial for five former New Orleans police officers convicted of shooting unarmed civilians in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Study: U.S. mobile Web use has doubled since 2009

When your smartphone makes it so easy to connect to the Internet, why bother firing up a clunky desktop or laptop computer?

Colorado flooding: Residents return, but some find no home

The skies have improved over Colorado, allowing some evacuated residents to return to their flood-battered neighborhoods -- only to find there's no house to call home.

Bickering over U.S.-Russian deal focuses on possible punishment for Syria

Just days after Russia and the United States reached a deal on getting Syria to give up its chemical weapons, world powers are quarreling over the details.

Redevelopment Authority reveals concept, but few details, for Smiley Heights project

The Smiley Heights development could transform the middle of Baton Rouge. But the designers say they need neighbors and potential stakeholders to help transform it.

Navy Yard shooting: What we know and don't know

The one question we all desperately want answered may have gone to the grave with Aaron Alexis: Why?

Florida woman reunited with missing dog after 3 years

A Florida woman and her dog were reunited on Saturday, Sept. 14 after the dog had been missing for three years.