Waiting on the Macy's Thanksgiving balloons and gearing up for Black Friday

It's Thanksgiving. You got where you needed to go. Now, it's time to get what you need to get. First turkey, then holiday gifts. Let's start with the weather. It was a bust -- but in a good way.

Police amp up patrols on one of the biggest drinking nights of the year

Many of you have the day off from work for thanksgiving, which means many people will be heading out on the town Wednesday night.

Last minute shoppers prepare for Thanksgiving holiday

If shopping carts, long lines, and crowds of people make you think about Black Friday, think again.

'High School High': new ways our youth are experimenting with drugs

Drugs have taken over our culture, from legal over the counter drugs to illegal chemically made ones. Whether your sick or are looking to get high, people turn to them.

Homelessness: A growing problem in the Capital City

Literally hundreds are living on the streets of Baton Rouge each night. Some go days without a warm meal. "I have a sleeping bag. I sleep in my sleeping bag, and that's how I survive."

St. Vincent de Paul preps for crowds at shelters, dining hall

Colder temperature means more folks turn to shelters and charities to get a hot meal and warm place to stay according to officials with St. Vincent de Paul.

Major delays snarl Thanksgiving holiday drivers

It's the biggest travel day of the year and drivers said they are already preparing themselves for the long road home. Whether Baton Rouge was the final destination.

Doctors give tips for staying warm in cold temperatures

Some of you may be getting ready to stand in those long lines for Black Friday or even for some of the football games going on this weekend. Either way, make sure you're bundled up.

Neighbors shocked to discover captive girls in Arizona

ucson residents were shocked to learn that three young girls had been held captive in their neighborhood.

An inside look at how our BRPD SWAT team keeps 'you' safe

In wake of all of the recent tragedies across the nation, here at home it's safe to say we would all like to know we're just as prepared if anything were to happen here.