Big asteroid buzzes past Earth and will again in 19 years

One of the most dangerous asteroids on record zipped close by Earth last month.

Old LSU Field House catches fire

LSU students had a bit of a scare walking by the old Field House this afternoon – it caught fire. Fire trucks and police cars rushed to the scene of the blaze.

Litter resurfaces on downtown BR levee

The litter on the levee in downtown Baton Rouge is back - bottles, food boxes, and more. After FOX44’s report last month, the levee steps were cleaned up, but that's not the case now.

LSU football look seek flexible pricing, traditional fund increase

The LSU Athletic Department will seek to implement a flexible pricing plan for home football games as well as proposing an increase in the Tradition Fund for the first time since 2010 in certain areas of Tiger Stadium beginning next season.

WBR School District Superintendent to step down after 2013-2014 school year

The West Baton Rouge School District is losing a special part of it's history - a man who has dedicated his entire life to the district as a student, educator and an administrator.

People across Baton Rouge breathe sigh of relief as government shutdown ends

From new mothers, to small business owners, to federal judges, the government shut down seemed to leave few untouched.

Secretary of State reminds Louisianians to vote this Saturday

Louisiana Secretary of State Tom Schedler reminds everyone that this Saturday is election day in many parishes across the state.

Breast cancer survivor says a right attitude is key

A lot of people are wearing pink this month, and we all know it's because it's breast cancer awareness month. Some are supporters, and some are survivors.

President calls for new approach after shutdown

The way business is done in Washington has to change to make a positive difference in the economy, President Barack Obama said Thursday as the federal government reopened for business and discussions began in Congress to reach a longer-term bud