Bayou Corne residents say beauty of the bayou tainted since sinkhole formed

People living in Bayou Corne say they are fed up with work crews in their neighborhoods since the sinkhole formed near their homes. They say it's hard to feel at home with the noise and construction eyesores.

Bayou Corne sinkhole continues to burp

A massive sinkhole in Bayou Corne burped again for the second day in a row Friday.

NAACP officials say a prayer march is a need; Save Our Cities Now March

Officials from the Baton Rouge branch of the NAACP said they want the community to come together. So, they are hosting their Save Our Cities Now March.

Judge orders Detroit to withdraw bankruptcy filing

A Michigan Circuit Court Judge ruled Friday that Detroit's bankruptcy filing is unconstitutional and ordered the case be withdrawn from federal bankruptcy court.

Cheaper student loans after Senate deal, for now

A bipartisan deal on student loans announced by a group of senators Thursday will help students, but only in the short-term.

Obama speaks out on Zimmerman verdict

President Barack Obama said Friday that "Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago" in his first live comments since a Florida jury acquitted George Zimmerman last weekend in the teenager's shooting death.

Detroit bankruptcy filing came with only 5 minutes to spare

Detroit's financial problems may have been building for decades, but its bankruptcy filing got in just under the wire.

Iowa back in the 2016 spotlight, again

The 2016 Iowa caucuses may still be two and a half years away, but two possible Republican White House hopefuls head Friday to the state that traditionally votes first in the presidential primary and caucus calendar.

Latest developments in the royal baby watch

Royal watchers eagerly await the arrival of a child who will be heir to the British throne.

EBR school board says lawsuit against state a last resort, but still possible

The East Baton Rouge School Board is playing down the idea of suing the state. But it did not completely dismiss that notion, either.