Shot Truck Rolls Through New Orleans Offering Free Vaccines

Most of us have seen food trucks stopped along busy streets, but have you heard about the shot truck? There's one making stops throughout New Orleans, vaccinating children for free. Vanessa Bolano takes us inside.

Gardere community speaks out on dangerous conditions for people trying to cross the street

"It makes you feel quite nervous especially at night when it's dark you are afraid you don't see a person," said Gardere Resident Joyce Steward.

Small business owners gather to talk curbing crime

"This is our community we're not here just because we are small business people protecting our business," said Bob Breaux with the Chamber of Commerce of East Baton Rouge.

Baton Rouge residents speak out about bad roads

"It's just a mess," Baton Rouge resident Mary George

Email scam claims to be from Pointe Coupee Parish schools

If you’ve received an email claiming that you’ve been selected to win a $1,000 gift certificate as a sign of appreciation from the Pointe Coupee school system, report it immediately to the Sheriff’s Office; it’s a scam.<

Southern University to hold town hall meeting to discuss issues, moving forward

The Southern University System is hosting a series of town hall meetings across Louisiana to discuss concerns about the effect of budget cuts on the system's campuses.

West Monroe Navy man killed in helicopter crash

The Department of Defense announced today the deaths of two sailors who died in a helicopter crash July 19 in Oman.

Could rough roads be costing you?

Randy Purvis has been fixing busted tires for close to two decades, but it's only lately, with all of the construction that he's noticed a trend.

Lawmakers analyzing business tax breaks

More than four billion dollars in tax breaks. That's the amount private businesses here in Louisiana receive from the government.

Motorcycle crash causes Baton Rouge man's death

A Baton Rouge man died last night as the result of a motorcycle crash. The incident occurred around 11:30 p.m. on Sunday night.