Skydiving instructor dies, student critically injured after jump gone awry

Two by two, the tandem skydivers leapt into the clouds over southern Mississippi, a routine plunge from thousands of feet in the air.

GOP lawmakers split over threatening to shut down government over Obamacare

After members of Congress return from their monthlong recess, Washington will brace for yet another budget battle that entails reaching an agreement to continue funding the government beyond September 30.

Intercepted al Qaeda message led to shuttering embassies, consulates

An intercepted message among senior al Qaeda operatives in the last several days raised alarm bells that led to the closing of embassies and consulates Sunday across the Middle East and North Africa, CNN has learned.

Female economists: Pick Janet, but leave gender out of it!

Janet Yellen is the best candidate to succeed Ben Bernanke as head of the Federal Reserve, and gender should have absolutely nothing to do with it. That's the overwhelming consensus from a CNNMoney survey of top female economists.

Study: Over a third of Americans confess to verbal or physical abuse of their computers

New research released by memory upgrade provider reveals interesting insight into how Americans are choosing to vent their frustrations when confronted with computer problems.

Baton Rouge Gallery spotlights latest works from Mary Ann Caffery, Amy James and Brian Kelly during August exhibition

Beginning today, Baton Rouge Gallery ("BRG") will be filled with the latest works from three of its artist members: Mary Ann Caffery, Amy James and Brian Kelly.

LSU finance professor’s hybrid vehicle study published

Don Chance, James C.

Obama administration overturns ban on some Apple products

A ban on the sale of some Apple products - including iPhones and iPads - will not go into effect after President Barack Obama's administration stepped in Saturday, a day before the prohibition was to go into effect.

Passenger sues airline over LaGuardia nose landing

A passenger who says she was injured after the nose gear of a Southwest Airlines jetliner collapsed during a landing at New York's LaGuardia Airport filed a lawsuit, according to her attorney.

Bayou Corne residents: one year later still in limbo

People living in Bayou Corne rallied together Saturday to mark to show each other sign of support after a year of heartbreak.