Spielberg foresees 'implosion' of film industry

Many movie fans consider director Steven Spielberg a visionary - but his most recent vision is one of doom for the movie industry.

The pope said what? Six stunners from Francis

Pope Francis has encouraged his flock of 1 billion Catholics not to be "starched Christians" who chat about theology over tea. He's been taking his own advice.

Public now available to access crash reports in Iberia Parish

The public is now able to access crash reports from the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office website.

Executive director for Lafayette’s Festival International de Louisiane resigns

 The executive director of Festival International has turned in her resignation.

Counselors offer services to plant workers, families involved in Geismar explosion

With injuries or without, plant workers and their families may need to talk to someone about this ordeal. Just having someone to listen at a time like this can mean the difference between living in fear or healing and moving on.

Zimmerman jurors to be sequestered

Jurors in the murder trial of George Zimmerman will be sequestered, Judge Debra Nelson said Thursday. Attorneys have estimated that the trial will likely last between two to four weeks, Nelson said.

OLOL gets trauma certification during plant explosion

In the wake of the chemical plant explosion Thursday morning, Our Lady of the Lake was more prepared than ever. This was because Wednesday and Thursday the hospital and staff were undergoing evaluations to renew their trauma certification.

Area hospitals prepare for worst case scenario after word of chemical plant explosion

Dozens of people that were seeking medical attention had area hospitals preparing for a mass casualty event. Our Lady of the Lake told me the hospital was in the middle of being evaluated to become a level two trauma center.

Iberia Parish authorities looking for runaway

The Iberia Parish Sheriff's Office is asking for the public's help to find a runaway teenager.

Gov. Jindal: All workers at Geismar plant explosion accounted for; one fatality, 73 injured

All of the workers have been accounted for and the threat from the fire has been lifted, Governor Jindal said in a press conference shortly before 2:00 p.m.