New jobs: Honeywell makes $208 million investment to create 4 production plants in Louisiana

Baton Rouge, Shreveport, and Geismar will gain new jobs with average salaries of $68,300 plus benefits. The jobs are due to a $208 million investment by Honeywell to create four new production plants.

Man dies after being ejected from car during crash

A St. James man was killed after his vehicle overturned, throwing him from his car. The incident happened shortly after 9:00 p.m. on July 13 on LA 3219 in St. James Parish.

Pain at the pump: Gas prices rise nearly 11 cents in the last week

Baton Rouge drivers have seen a sizeable price hike on gasoline within the last week. The average price per gallon in the Capital City went up 10.7 cents last week to $3.37 a gallon.

Autopsy set in 'Glee' star Cory Monteith's death

Medical examiners will conduct an autopsy Monday on "Glee" actor Cory Monteith.

Where (and when) do you use your smartphone: Bedroom? Church?

So what's the most compromising situation you've found yourself in with your smartphone?

Art at risk on the bayou

One woman in Bayou Corne is fighting to keep her community's culture alive. She is doing it by using material from the bayou to make pieces of artwork, but a massive sinkhole might mean she could have to change her entire business.

Thabo Mbeki: Mandela will pull through

Thabo Mbeki, who succeeded Nelson Mandela as South Africa's 14 years ago, says the ailing revered statesmen will pull through.

New debris found in sinkhole

Assumption Parish emergency officials say more debris and gas appeared in the sinkhole in Bayou Corne. The debris comes after a period of increased tremors and a burp inside the sinkhole were reported last Saturday.

Pedestrian killed off LA Hwy 67

Shortly after midnight on Sunday, Troopers from Louisiana State Police Troop A began investigating a fatal crash involving a pedestrian that occurred on LA Hwy 67 north of Port Hudson-Pride Road in East Baton Rouge Parish.

Zimmerman verdict reactions ring out in protests, calls from pulpit

Just steps away from the courthouse where a jury decided George Zimmerman's fate, demonstrators vowed that their fight wasn't over.