Brain-eating amoeba detected in Louisiana parish's water, officials say

Brain-eating amoebae were found in DeSoto Parish, Louisiana, where a 51-year-old woman died from an infection in 2011, the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals said.

One dies in helicopter crash near Venice; three rescued by Coast Guard

A helicopter pilot was killed in a crash that took place 30 miles off the northeastern coast of Venice on Wednesday morning. Coast Guard officials were notified of the crash around 7:24 a.m.

Employee killed during industrial accident at Baton Rouge facility

A 41-year-old man was killed during an industrial accident at a pipe facility located in Baton Rouge.

Samsung unveils first curved smartphone

Samsung unveiled the world's first smartphone with a curved screen Wednesday, hoping the new design will improve comfort and convenience for users.

Unpaid interns not protected from sexual harassment

Unpaid interns don't get wages and benefits. It turns out, they're also not protected from sexual harassment.

Loser: Indiana lottery winner fails to claim $1 million prize in time

The champagne wishes and caviar dreams of the person in Indiana holding April's winning Powerball ticket will officially remain just those -- wishes and dreams, if not a nightmare -- after failing to claim their $1 million prize.

St. George incorporation effort reaching out to groups large and small

More than 3,000 people have already signed a petition that could create a new city in East Baton Rouge Parish. But the people behind the idea of St. George have a long way to go.

Woman found dead in hospital stairwell believed to be missing patient

She checked herself into a hospital 17 days ago for a bladder infection. But nobody could've predicted it would end like this.

Ruffino's Restaurant hosts "Sclafani Smackdown" cook-off and class

"I don't have to think about who the best chef is, I know i'm going to win," said Ruffino's Restaurant owner, Peter Sclafani III.

Texas Brine has outstanding balance with Assumption Parish Police Jury

A spokesman for the Assumption Parish Police Jury said Texas Brine owes the police jury big bucks for expenses the police jury has incurred this year related to sinkhole situation in Bayou Corne.