Residents urged to prepare for possibility for severe weather over the weekend

With the potential for heavy rain, possible flooding, and strong winds this weekend, local officials are urging residents to make preparations.

Local employers bring career opportunities to North Baton Rouge

If you are looking for a job, the North Baton Rouge Job and Career Fair gives you a chance to show your skills every year. Hundreds of people gathered at Baton Rouge Community College to take advantage of the open career fair Thursday.

Florida issues warning about rare, brain-eating amoeba

While 12-year-old Zachary Reyna fights for his life against a brain-eating parasite, the Florida Department of Health has issued a warning for swimmers.

Metro Council approves resolution calling for higher standards for CATS board

The East Baton Rouge Metro Council believes it found a way to improve the management of CATS. But a heated debate ended with a decision that may not actually make a difference.

Texas rapper pleads guilty to human trafficking for holding women as sex slaves

A man accused of luring girls into the sex trafficking trade through a hip hop music label pleaded guilty to charges, according to federal documents released.

As haze clears, are American opinions on marijuana reaching tipping point?

The question has dipped in and out of the national conversation for decades: What should the United States do about marijuana?

Your photos can reveal more than you think: how to keep your info safe

Did you have any idea people could track the photos you post online and find you? Well it turns out that some of the photos you take with your cell phone can pinpoint your exact location.

'Crazy' ants taking over Louisiana

If you see ants in your home, they may not be your usual ants. The newest species of ants is taking over Louisiana. They are called "crazy ants". Bobbie Coates said when she sees ants, she just kills them.

Two dead in Alabama crash of UPS cargo plane

The pilot and co-pilot of a UPS cargo plane died Wednesday when their jet crashed, broke into pieces and burned near Birmingham's airport, officials said.

Former ‘Bachelor’ contestant dies at age 29 in New Orleans

Former “Bachelor” contestant Gia Allemand, 29, died following an apparent suicide attempt, according to CNN. She was treated at the University Hospital in New Orleans.