Tornado, Flash Flood Watch in south Louisiana, several inches of rain expected

A Tornado Watch has been issued for most of south Louisiana due to a warm front passing through the area. Along with the potential for damaging winds and hail, the storm could bring as much as 3 to 5 inches of rain.

Stringer Bridge Road residents want gaurd rails

People living off Stringer Bridge Road in St. Amant say not enough is been done to protect drivers. The street curves and can be very dangerous.

Man died after accident near conveyor belt

A man died after an accident near a conveyor belt at Burnside Terminal in Ascension Parish. Ascension Parish Sheriff's deputies are investigating the accident.

Rural roads to be improved in West Baton Rouge Parish

Despite budget woes, there's some good news for drivers in West Baton Rouge Parish. The state has agreed to borrow around $100 million to improve rural roads across the state.

Allen Parish officials looking to put armed officers in schools

The Allen Parish Sheriff's Office has proposed a joint venture with the school board to place armed resource officers in each school. However, voters will have to decide if they want tax dollars to fund the plan.

Sorority girl drops 107 pounds

Brittni Garcia's family didn't go out for walks; they went out for dinner. And when they were at home, they enjoyed watching movies, playing board games and eating big Mexican-style home-cooked meals.

New Orleans Police officer shot, in intensive care

A New Orleans Police officer is hospitalized in intensive care this afternoon after being shot multiple times at a store in Bywater this morning.

Baton Rouge Bus Boycotts remembered 60 years later

The civil rights movement did not begin in Alabama. It began in 1953 in Baton Rouge.  Dozens of people gathered at Mt. Zion First Baptist Church on East Boulevard to honor the 60th aniversary of the Baton Rouge Bus Boycotts of 1953.

Fisherman scoops up mammoth's tooth from the sea

When you're dragging a net through a body of water, you're likely to dredge up anything. One fishing boat captain came across something that likely hasn't been seen for thousands of years.

Planting flowers and trees to build homeowner pride

19 homeowners got their front lawns fixed up Saturday. Habitat for Humanity teamed up with the local rotary clubs, ExxonMobil and Louisiana master gardeners to landscape 19 homes in the Gardere and Scotlandville area.