Tim Tebow released by New England Patriots, report says

Backup quarterback Tim Tebow was released by the New England Patriots Saturday, after failing to make the final roster for the new season, according to

Group protests military action in Syria

A handful of protesters across the Capitol City got together to voice their concerns about possible military action in Syria.

Update:EBRSO detectives no longer looking for cross dressing truck thief

UPDATE: EBRSO Detectives made contact with the person of interest picture in the release sent out yesterday. As of now, the person of interest is not a suspect.

local bars & restaurants prepare for cheering LSU fans

While the Tigers prepared to take on their opponents on the field, local bars and resturants prepared for an onslaught on excited LSU Football fans.

Hispanic teens more likely to use drugs, study says

Hispanic teens are more likely to use illicit drugs such as marijuana, ecstasy and cocaine, compared with their African-American and Caucasian counterparts, according to a new study.

Funeral arrangements set for LSU student killed in car crash

Funeral arrangements for Chris Broussard have been announced.

People have mixed emotions about the idea of a military strike on Syria

Here at home, we wanted your reaction to what's going on in Syria. So today I got your opinions on what you think the President should do?

Be of good cheer: Compromise settles Florida school district's short-skirt flap

A compromise is putting rah, rah, rah back in place of no, no, no at a Florida school that had banned cheerleader skirts administrators said were too revealing for the classroom.

Syrian crisis: Latest developments

 Syria warned the United States on Friday that it is prepared to confront any aggression against the war-torn nation.