Nutritional company expands voluntary recall of diet supplement

A national nutritional company has expanded a recall of supplements due to an undeclared drug ingredient.

Homeowners, wildlife officials seek lifting of protected status for black bears

State wildlife officials and south Louisiana residents agreed Tuesday night that removing the protected status of coastal black bears will help to maintain the bear population and protect neighborhoods.

Lafayette teen injured after falling from balcony in Orange Beach

A 17-year-old from Lafayette is recovering in the hospital after he fell from a balcony early this morning. It happened while he was vacationing in Orange Beach, Alabama, which is where another Louisiana teen died less than a month ago.

East St. John High School students still stuck learning off campus

Students at East St. John High School are getting ready to head back to school, but for the second year in row classes will be held off campus. Most of the school was destroyed during Hurricane Isaac.

First heat advisory of the year in Baton Rouge

EMS officials said they have gotten a bunch of calls this week from people who are suffering from heat strokes.

Father of Cajun Lagoon drowning victim wants park closed

It’s been a week since 14 year-old Nick Kissner drowned at Cajun Lagoon; now his dad, John Kissner, is on a mission to make sure no parent has to go through what he has.

Mars rover Curiosity celebrates 1 year on Red Planet

One of the first photos it sent home showed a self-portrait of its shadow.

12-year-old boy dies after being thrown from ATV during crash

A 12-year-old boy died yesterday after he was thrown from the ATV he was driving.

GM offers big price cut on Chevy Volt

General Motors announced Tuesday that it will knock $5,000 off the sticker price of a new Chevy Volt, making it the latest electric car to be steeply discounted as automakers battle for buyers.

Texas woman arrested for breaking washing machine, spitting on officers

A Texas woman has spent the last five days in jail after she was arrested for losing her temper in a Laundromat.