LSU and the Cinderella Project Collaborate to co-host college-prep workshop

The LSU Office of Equity, Diversity and Community Outreach and the Cinderella Project will co-host the Cinderella Project Leadership Academy from Thursday, Oct. 25, through Saturday, Oct. 27, at LSU.

Keep Louisiana Beautiful calls for award submissions

Keep Louisiana Beautiful, the state's non-profit organization dedicated to litter prevention and waste reduction, is calling on Louisiana residents to help nominate exemplary groups and individuals whose efforts help to keep Louisiana beaut

Hurricane Isaac costs Entergy up to $500-million

Entergy reports that Hurricane Isaac cost them between $400 to $500-million. That includes about $80 million in the Baton Rouge area.

Professional boxing returns to Baton Rouge

Professional boxing is making a return to the capital city.

Residents prepare for start of drilling toward top of brine cavern

Officials with Texas Brine Company say they could start drilling to the top of the brine cavern early Thursday morning. From there it will take around 48 hours to reach the top of the brine cavern.

Students relieved to see someone behind bars for Monday's bomb threat

A sigh of relief went through the student population as police announced they had arrested the man believed to be responsible for Monday's bomb threat.

LSUYOU helping students succeed

BATON ROUGE, LA (NBC33) — Think about all you could do with $300,000. AT&T decided to use it to change student's lives

Ann Romney fundraising in Shreveport for husband, presidential hopeful

Ann Romney, wife of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, is fundraising in Shreveport Wednesday morning.

Elderly man walking down LA 47 killed by oncoming vehicle

A Chalmette man died early this morning after he was struck by a car while he was walking down LA 47 (Paris Road) in St. Bernard Parish.

Officials feel evacuation plan was executed well, but will look to improve on future plans

Students living in campus dorms were finally given the green light to move back in just before 7:00 Monday night.