Famed journalist speaks to BR Magnet High students

Baton Rouge Magnet High School students and faculty had a real treat this morning - words of wisdom from journalist Tony Brown.

First day on the job, meet 5 new Port Allen police officers

Five new faces kicked off their careers as Port Allen police officers Wednesday. The group of four guys and one gal started work today.

Environmentalists outraged at legislators actions to remove energy efficiency rules

Energy efficiency laws just two months old have been killed, for now, by the Public Service Commission. Environmentalists claim it undoes years worth of their work.

Pet owners praise idea of Pet Food Stamps

When the recession hit a few years ago, many people were forced to give up their pets because they could not afford to take care of them any more.

BP executive resumes testimony at Deepwater Horizon trial

A high-ranking official with BP told a court today that the drilling apparatus the company leased from Transocean had a good safety record before the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

Coast Guard responds to collision, oil spill southwest of Port Sulphur

The Coast Guard is continuing to respond to an oil spill in Lake Grande Ecaille Bay nine miles southwest of Port Sulphur today.

Plan for Port Allen downtown redevelopment in works

Port Allen Mayor Deedy Slaughter wants to create an historic district in downtown Port Allen. She brought the issue before the City Council on February 13 but the council voted not to discuss the issue.

Rotary Club speaker urges importance of early childhood education

Education was on the agenda today for the Baton Rouge Rotary Club. Dr. Geoffrey Nagle, head of the Tulane Institute of Early Childhood Mental Health, spoke at the club today.

Tremors rock area near Assumption Parish sinkhole

Overnight tremors in Bayou Corne suspended work operations at the sinkhole. Scientists said there was increased seismic activity, which caused the ground to shake. They say there's no reason for people in the area to worry.

Local kids starts collection of hats for sick children in hopsital

Have an old hat lying around or some piling up in your closet, well one Watson boy has something for you to do with them. Zach started collecting hats to give to children with childhood illness, and people are starting to take notice.