McKinley High School damaged by teenager driving SUV

A teenager from Baton Rouge is in trouble after he damaged property at McKinley High. The incident happened at around 5:00 a.m. on Sunday morning.

Concert in downtown Baton Rouge

BATON ROUGE,LA (FOX44) — People had a chance to enjoy some good music in Baton Rouge on Father's Day.

Puppies will soon get new homes

BATON ROUGE,LA (FOX44) — Twenty-five puppies will be off to their new homes on Monday.

Memorial blood drive and benefit set for Saturday

A blood drive and benefit is set for Monet Plaisance on Saturday, June 16, in Zachary as a memorial for a young girl who drowned. One hope is to raise awareness about the low percentage of child organ donation in the state.

Lee High School set to reopen

BATON ROUGE,LA (FOX44) — Lee High School is reopening its doors. It was closed back in the summer of 2009 after fears it would be taken over by the state Department of Education. Heather Hogue is a recent graduate.

LSP: Impairment, lack of seatbelt use account most of fatal crashes this year

Drunk drivers cause accidents. Seat belts save lives. Two facts that seem to go overlooked all too often. They are also two factors that seem to fall hand-in-hand with those who perish in a traffic crash.


 “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1” and “Snow White & The Huntsman”

The risks of diesel fumes

BATON ROUGE,LA(FOX44) — William Allred has worked as a diesel truck driver for more than twenty years.

Yelp! sends out urgent call for adult dog food

A non-profit group is in urgent need of assistance from the community. A late shipment of dog food has left a non-profit group with an urgent need for assistance from the community.

'Chocolate Nougat Crunch' being recalled by Ben & Jerry's

The popular ice cream brand Ben & Jerry's is recalling pint containers of its Chocolate Nougat Crunch ice cream.