Lafayette Police kill dog while investigating home alarm activation

Lafayette Police officers say they were forced to shoot and kill a dog that approached them aggressively.

Study group will look at several facets of school safety

With the Newtown shootings fresh in their minds a governmental study group has been formed to look at the safety of schools in our state.

Local inventor, advocate says state needs to mandate safer trailer hitches

A local man created a device that could prevent thousands of crashes involving runaway trailers. But he says he is fighting for more than the profitability of his invention.

School closures due to potential flooding, bad weather conditions

 A slow moving storm system passing through south Louisiana has created the potential for flash flooding. The threat has even prompted the closure of some area schools.

Baton Rouge family chronicles re-building process through social media

Just over three weeks after losing their home to a fire, the Nason family is still recovering. And to keep friends and family informed through the process their daughter Stacy came up with a unique idea.

Porch-sitting could lead to West Nile

2012 was a bad year for West Nile virus here in Louisiana with close to 400 cases total. And the contributing factors are almost as numerous as the cases themselves.

MISSING: Woman never returned home after short trip to corner store

Police are asking for the public’s assistance in locating 32-year-old Carenthia Henry, who was last seen by her son, leaving their residence, shortly before 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, Jan. 3, in the 2900 block of Palmyra Street .

Local women's shelter devastated by budget cuts

The state government has said that women's shelters across the state are getting a big cut to their budgets, which could mean fewer services for victims who need it.

Teachers' union dismayed by report praising Louisiana education reforms

Louisiana came in first in the country in a new report about education reform. But educators have mixed opinions over whether or not that top ranking is a good thing.

Bayou Corne residents file petition with White House

People living in Bayou Corne want the White House to step in and help save their community. They've started a petition online asking for the President to declare the area a federal disaster zone and send in federal aid.