Tornado Season 2013: A quiet start

According to the Storm Prediction Center, this year is one of the least-active starts to tornado season in U.S. history.

Eight to be charged in $45 million cybertheft bank heist

Federal prosecutors are set to announce charges Thursday in a global cybertheft ring that allegedly stole $45 million from banks and other financial firms.

Kansas toddler missing after triple homicide at farm

A search is under way in Kansas for an 18-month-old girl whose mother was found dead along with two others this week.

Death penalty possible after jury convicts Jodi Arias of first-degree murder

A day after a jury found her guilty of first-degree murder in the slaying of her ex-boyfriend, Jodi Arias will return to court Thursday to begin a phase that will move her closer to learning whether she will live or die.

Metro Council approves deal to bring Costco to Baton Rouge

Big savings are coming to Baton Rouge. But even some of Costco's supporters worry that the city is paying too big a price to attract it.

Ohio captive to police: Suspect punched me in the stomach until I miscarried

One of three women held captive in a Cleveland home said she was pregnant at least five times but was starved and punched until she eventually miscarried, according to an initial incident report obtained by CNN.

Port Allen Mayor plans to fight city council decision to define department heads

The battle between the Mayor of Port Allen, the city council and the city's chief financial officer is in full swing. The city council voted 3 to 2 in favor of adding new positions to the list of people that run the city.

Local high school student displays artwork at Greenwell Springs Library, draws inspiration from his heritage

At the Greenwell Springs Road Llibrary, the walls are covered in art, and the artist is only 15 years old. Southern University Lab Student Marvin Bryant Jr. says that he’s influenced by the greats.

IRS: Up to a six-month tax return delay if you used Form 8863

It looks like the early bird doesn't always get the worm - not if you filed your taxes early this year, at least. Many Americans who filed their income taxes early are still waiting for their refunds.

Wrigley halts production of caffeine gum

Wrigley has decided to stop production, sales and marketing of their new caffeinated gum, the Food and Drug Administration announced Wednesday.