People living in the Bayou Corne community say they're ready for answers

People living near the site of the sinkhole say they're glad to see the equipment come but wonder if the drilling will produce any answers.

25 escorted loads moving drilling equipment to Bayou Corne

Throughout the day the Louisiana State Police will be assisting Texas Brine in moving equipment needed to drill a relief well at the location of the sinkhole in Bayou Corne.

Petition filed against Lafayette law enforcement officials makes bold claims of misconduct

A formal complaint alleging widespread corruption among some of Lafayette’s top law enforcement and government officials was a priority topic of conversation at today’s Civil Service Board meeting.

What are they spraying over my neighborhood?

While the heat and rain we've seen lately are no doubt contributing to the mosquito population, parish crews are busy trying to get rid of them - both on the ground and in the air.

L.D.W.F. website, Internet access temporarily unavailable due to water damage at Administrative Office

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries’ website and Internet services were interrupted Monday evening by a broken water line which flooded the department’s main office in Baton Rouge.

Senator Vitter discusses new education options for students

US Senator David Vitter is in the Capital City looking at new education options for students.

Parkview Baptist announces administrative change regarding school’s headmaster

Parkview Baptist School Board of Directors announced today that the current headmaster will no longer be employed with the school. They have not provided any information relative to why the administrative change is occurring.

World War II veterans honored at 'Spirit of '45' event

USS KIDD Veteran Memorial celebrated the 67th anniversary of the end of the World War II with a function at the old state capitol.

Victim of property theft says destroyed rock wall was used for church kids

Wayne Lee thought it would be a nice gesture to buy a rock climbing wall for the kids at his church to use for family fun nights, but before the $10,000 wall was even used more than once, it was stolen, and according to deputies sold for scrap

Texas Brine gets green light to begin relief well in Bayou Corne

Louisiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Secretary Stephen Chustz announced today that the Office of Conservation’s Injection and Mining Division has reviewed and approved Texas Brine LLC’s permit to drill a new well into the