School speaks after teen dies in gym

Ironically, the dark clouds gathered over Dutchtown High School Thursday on what turned out to be a sad day for the school.

Low river levels hurt local business

Verging on historic lows, was the phrase used by an Army Corps of Engineers spokesman when describing current water levels of the Mississippi River. The low levels are now affecting river traffic, and commerce.

Coach says teen athlete's friends and teamates are taking his death hard

Those who knew Burke Cobb, and coached him say the news still hasn't settled in. He was described by Lacrosse coaches as energetic, polite, and sweet. They say he was well-liked by all his teammates and coaches.

Local theaters plan to increase security this weekend

The number of those injured in the Colorado movie theater massacre continues to rise. So far, there are 71 reported injuries, including a Baton Rouge woman who was shot in the knee.

Hogs feel drought's pinch

For Rachel and Dan Berdo and their four young children, hogs are everything. They're the source of nearly all of the family's income.

Lawmakers address Medicaid cuts, LSU to be hit the hardest

Lawmakers were called into work today to address the more than three quarters of a billion dollars in healthcare cuts facing Louisiana.

Consumer spending up in EBR Parish

Sales-tax collections continue to rise in the East Baton Rouge parish this month. Recently released numbers show a 13% increase in collection intake from the same time last year.

Shreveport officials looking for runaway teen

Shreveport Police detectives need your help in locating a teenage girl who has apparently run away from home.

New construction projects announced to begin across Louisiana

 Governor Bobby Jindal announced millions in Capital Outlay cash-line-of-credit funding was approved for infrastructure and construction projects today by the State Bond Commission.

Donor's mother meets recipients

Tragedy met triumph Wednesday as a mother met with those who's lives were saved, thanks to her daughters organs.