Officer cleared after internal investigation into shooting death of family's dog

An internal investigation regarding the shooting death of a dog in Lake Charles during a police pursuit has concluded.

Hi Nabor re-opens after evening lightning strike caused fire

A local grocery store is open today after a lightning strike sparked a fire and forced the store to be evacuated last night.

EPA Awards $100,000 to the Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration to Reduce Hypoxia

The Environmental Protection Agency has awarded the Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA) $100,000 to reduce hypoxia in the Gulf of Mexico.

Skillet left on the stove caused small fire in Baker

A cast iron skillet is to blame for a fire that happened over the weekend in Baker.

Sheriff: New email scam that disables your computer claims to be from McAfee, FBI

A new computer virus is circulating Louisiana. This one claims to be from the FBI and McAfee antivirus software.

Dangerous road in Zachary will be improved

People living off McHost Road will soon get some help for what they call a dangerous roadway.

City of Baker receives ‘Best in Show’ award for automated water meters

The City of Baker has received the "Best in Show" award from the Louisiana Municipal Association.

Hoo Shoo Too Road community speaks out against 'dangerous road' conditions

People living off Hoo Shoo Too road say they're fed up with bad drivers and harsh road conditions.

Back-to-school week in south Louisiana

Well it's back-to-school week all across south Louisiana. While kids in St. Helena Parish went back to school today, most everyone else will be in class by the end of the week.

Lightning sparks roof fire at BR apartment complex

A lightning strike is believed to be the cause of a fire that happened in the Baton Rouge area yesterday afternoon.