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Tremor reported at Bayou Corne sinkhole site

The Assumption Parish Police Jury said a tremor was reported at the site of the sinkhole in Bayou Corne. The tremor occurred just after 9:00 p.m. on Wednesday night. The tremor was large enough for waves to be seen.

Parents weigh in on both sides of the voucher issue

Though the state's scholarship program has already been in place since the start of the school year, the debate continues to rage on.

Dirty politics in District 10 race?

The race has gotten ugly, literally, between District Ten incumbent Tara Wicker and her challenger Larry Selders.

Baton Rouge ranks number one for HIV and Aids Nationwide

 The Louisiana Commission on HIV/Aids and Hepatitis C met with the Governor yesterday for the first time in more than two years to discuss the sobering statistics.

Coaches suspended due to excessive rant at youth football game

An investigation sparked by a halftime rant that was caught video has resulted in the suspension and probation of two youth league football coaches.

Outpatient surgery center to become 'mini-hospital'

Soon there will be a new place for patients to get treatment in the Baton Rouge area. LSU's Outpatient Clinic on Perkins is getting a makeover. The facility is being turned into a small hospital.

A 'Katniss' for New Orleans 'Hunger Games' Spoof

You knew it was coming: A Hunger Games spoof.

Compromise could lead to passage of Sunday alcohol sales law

Compromise may lead to a repealing of East Baton Rouge's blue laws when Metro Council convenes on Wednesday.

People hope job fair will turn their luck around

Life hasn't been easy for 42 year-old Shelton Watson. "I've struggled. I've lost my apartment. I lost my job, had no income, had nowhere to stay," says Watson.

Louisiana kids get a "D" on health report card

Kindergarteners and first graders from Northwestern Middle School in Zachary spent Wednesday morning taking part in the "Body Walk". They learned about different parts of the body and why they needed to eat healthy and exercise.