Brusly using website to take traffic fine payments

Thursday, January 31, 2013 - 7:00am

Brusly is giving drivers a new, simple way to pay their speeding tickets.

The town launched about 3 months ago.

It lets people pay their fines over the internet, which is a big benefit for people who live out of town.

Brusly officials believe the website will help them collect a higher proportion of their fines, and because the processing company takes a fee from every driver, it doesn't cost the town a penny.

"They (ticket receivers) go through this service, and the charges they have on that end is how the processing company makes their money,” stated Brusly town clerk Debbie Berthelot. “Of course, we get the money from the traffic fine."

Brusly said it's planning a roundup to collect money from all the people who have unpaid speeding tickets. 

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I want to pay a speeding ticket on my son's behalf. Thank you!!!

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