LSU security guard stabbed herself

Tuesday, November 17, 2009 - 4:34pm

The female security guard stabbed while working at a private function at the LSU law school fabricated the whole story.

LSU police say 47-year-old Dale Noel actually stabbed herself twice while on the job. You'll remember she claimed to have been attacked by a man after she tried to stop him from getting into the building. She described him as a middle eastern man with broken english. She was treated for wounds to her right shoulder and stomach.

Police say they confronted Noel yesterday because her story didn't add up. After reviewing hours of video surveillence and contacting hundreds of tailgaters, they couldn't find any suspect information. They also said there was a lack of physical evidence. When the police asked for more information, she confessed to inflicting the wounds herself.

Police are still investigating her motive. Police want to arrest her for charges of criminal mischief and terrorizing.