Acadian Ambulance medic reunites with coworker who delivered him

Thursday, December 27, 2012 - 7:00pm

Two Acadian Ambulance medics recently reunited after 21 years. However, the last time they were together, one of them was a newborn.

Matthew DeCuir had always been told the story of his dramatic entrance into the world. On August 17, 1991, his mother called an ambulance because she was in active labor. Quickly thereafter, two Acadian Ambulance medics arrived at her home in Cottonport, La. to whisk her away to the hospital. However, they didn’t make it. En route to the hospital her contractions got more severe, the baby began to emerge and new medic Ty Chaney made his first ever delivery, in the back of the ambulance. Mother and baby were then brought to the hospital, safe and sound.

DeCuir had seen Chaney’s name on his birth certificate, so when he himself began work at Acadian Ambulance as an EMT-Basic in Avoyelles Parish a few months ago, he asked his partner if he knew of a Ty Chaney that used to work for the company. His partner informed him that he did indeed know Chaney, and that he still worked for Acadian as a paramedic in neighboring Pointe Coupee Parish. DeCuir obtained Chaney’s number and called him up.

And the rest, as they say, is history. One month later, a meeting was set up for Chaney and Decuir to officially meet as adults. They poured over DeCuir’s baby photos and the infamous birth certificate, which was signed by “Dr. Chaney.”

Chaney, who has been with Acadian Ambulance since 1990, said that he has delivered over 20 babies since DeCuir, but this is the first one he has ever met. “Meeting Matt was really rewarding, and come to find out he works for Acadian Ambulance Services, so that is a treat in itself.”  


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