Angola inmate becomes victim of theft at Angola Prison Rodeo arts and crafts show

Wednesday, October 10, 2012 - 6:22pm

The annual Angola Prison Rodeo is underway every weekend this month, but on the first Sunday of the arts and crafts show, one inmate is learning the hard way what it's like to be the victim of a crime.

"Well somebody is shop lifting from the inmates," declared Warden Burl Cain.

In what some may call an ironic twist of fate, a painting by Angola inmate Marlowe Parker was stolen, right out of the heart of the Angola Prison Rodeo arts and crafts show.

"It will probably just be someone that desires the painting, just some of the same things the prisoners did before, so now they see how it feels. And it's kind of a good lesson, don't be stealing, it hurts," added the warden.

Warden Cain said it's no surprise Marlowe's painting was targeted, a 16 by 12 oil painting of Magnolia Mound, it was originally priced at $1,500.

"It was magnolia mound, probably worth $500 or more. He sells them for a lot, he really gets a good price for his paintings. He's probably one of our best artists," Cain explained.

The warden said they're looking for the person responsible, but admits every year theft at the craft show continues to be a problem.

"Usually we have some shoplifting almost every year. And it just burns them up. But again we just laugh at them and say, now you see how it feels. They don't like that, but it does happen. There’s so many people in that confined area that it's really hard to control it all. Even though there's many, many cameras, but to find the one and know which one would be really hard," Cain said.

The Angola Prison Rodeo and arts and crafts show continues for the next three weekends in October.


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