Annual Thanksgiving dinner draws hundreds from around Baton Rouge

Saturday, November 24, 2012 - 12:00am

For over a quarter of a century Holiday Helpers Inc. of Baton Rouge have offered a free Thanksgiving meal for the entire community. Some attending came to volunteer and serve this year.

"iI want to be able to serve someone and you know just talk to someone, you know, reach out to someone else. That's kind of what i wanted to do today," Kenneth Varmall, a volunteer explained.

 While others came to just eat a hot thanksgiving meal with others, either way, the annual “Thanksgiving Together’ dinner certainly lived up to its name.

"My mom, you know she's of age, and i didn't want to burden her with the cooking and all that. let her rest now, she's had her time. I mean everything was good, everything was delicious," Ivan Fitzgerald, a dinner attendee, explained.

"My oldest kids are out doing their own things, and I heard how nice this was so I came to visit. And it has been wonderful," Rubi Jackson, another dinner attendee said.

The meal was free to anyone who came and every volunteer was paired up with someone eating their meal. At the end of the Thanksgiving spread many left with more than just full stomachs, they left with new found friendships too.

"I've met a lot of new friends. This guy sitting next to me, he's just wonderful," laughed Jackson.

"Rubi is awesome! oh my gosh she blows my mind, she just reminds me of my mom and my grandma fixed together," Varmall said.

And even if they simply came to eat and have some friendly conversation everyone who came together for this annual tradition said they're just grateful to have somewhere to eat and enjoy the day.

"I am very thankful, I am very thankful that Baton Rouge or the community or whatever looked out for the people," Fitzgerald added. 


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