Arguments expected to erupt even among supporters of Jindal’s tax plan

Monday, April 1, 2013 - 7:00pm

One of the most powerful members of the state legislature says he thinks tax reform will get passed this session, but it will not be without a bit of a battle.

Representative Joel Robideaux (Rep. Lafayette) is the chair of the Ways and Means and Capital Outlay committees, and is also on the Budget committee. He says there's enough desire in the legislature to get rid of the income tax and increase the sales tax.

However, a big sticking point is the service sector, which would now have to pay taxes under Governor Jindal's plan.

"As you become a more service-based economy, that it makes sense to collect some of that revenue from the services,” Rep. Robideaux said. “How you decide which services are in and which ones are out is where the fight begins, and probably ends."

There are also different plans about how to phase out the income tax. Governor Jindal wants to get rid of it all at once, while some legislators prefer a gradual reduction. 


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