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Antarctica, North Korea, Egypt, Spain, England

Tuesday, December 20, 2011 - 4:18pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Antarctica, a Russian fishing vessel is still stranded and it’s taking on water. "Sparta" has a one-foot hole in its hull after ramming into some ice. Getting to the ship is very difficult. All that the Air Force can do right now is to keep dropping supplies to the 32-men on board. Last we heard another ship is on the way but it’ll take several days to get there.

North Korea – The body of North Korea’s longtime leader is laid out in a glass coffin so his followers can continue to mourn his death. Kim Jong IL's funeral will be held December 28th.

Egypt – The chaos continues in Tahrir Square. The longtime dictator was ousted months ago but now these people want the military to hurry up and give them the democracy they want. Over a dozen protestors have been killed by security forces and hundreds more have been injured.

Spain – A temporary publicity stunt has become a big money-maker for this small town. It was painted blue to promote the latest Smurf movie. The locals love the tourism boost and voted to keep it Smurf-like forever.

England – You're looking at what could be the world's first "Santa friendly chimney."

A little boy told the folks who were building his family's new house that's all he wanted for Christmas. And the crews came through.

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