Argentina, Thailand, Madagascar, Germany, Pakistan

Wednesday, February 15, 2012 - 7:14pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Argentina, police and protesters clashed in the streets of Buenos Aires. Riot cops unleashed the water cannons and tear gas. Former military draft members spent hours blocking traffic and protesting the government over benefits. They want the same ones veterans get despite never being on the front lines.

Thailand – Five-hundred Thai and U.S. Marine units conducted live fire exercises today as part of exercise “Cobra Gold”. It’s an American partnership with Southeast Asian countries. Two Thai fighter jets dropped four, 500-pound bombs, while soldiers shot artillery guns.

Madagascar – At least 2-people are dead after a category four cyclone hit eastern Madagascar. We're told the intense storm packed sustained winds of 143-mph. It knocked down trees, destroyed homes, and cut power in some major towns on the Indian Ocean Island.

Germany – Heavy smoke from arson is being blamed for a 21-car pileup. At least one person was killed here. Cops say they suspect somebody set fire to plastic pipes beneath a bridge and the smoke made it difficult for the drivers to see.

Pakistan – There wasn't much love for Valentine's Day here. Dozens of female activists from a right-wing Islamist party burned Valentine's Day cards. They were protesting the holiday claiming it's a western practice designed to corrupt Muslim youth.

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