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Thursday, August 25, 2011 - 5:54pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Australia, a game of chicken nearly kills a teen as he sprints across the tracks as a train approaches. The train clips the boy and he barely makes it to the other side. Officials released the footage hoping it'll keep other youngsters from trying this.

United States – Five workers in New York were rescued after heavy rain trapped them on a small island. They were working on a bridge when the water raised 4-feet around them within minutes. A helicopter hoisted the men to safety. No one was hurt.

Sweden – Personalities on a talk show took a sip from a bottle of champagne that was supposedly swiped from Adolf Hitler’s cellar at the end of World War II. Worried the bottle could be poisoned they had medics on hand just in case. It wasn't poisoned but the tasters say it didn't go down well.

Hong Kong – The newest fitness fad is “Dog yoga” or “doga.” An instructor in Florida actually introduced it here and now people and their pooches can't seem to get enough. One person said, “She used to bark a lot but after the doga she seemed more relaxed, quieter, so it's good." If you’re interested there are DVDs and manuals online.

Brazil – Lots fancy foot work, dips, and twirls at the Tango World Championships. Couples from everywhere are hitting the dance floor to compete for worldwide tango fame. The finals are on August 30.

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