Belgium, China, Norway, Canada, Japan

Tuesday, December 13, 2011 - 10:50pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Belgium, 4-people are dead and at least 100-others were hurt after a man snaps in a busy square. An eye witness describes the scene in Liege after the attacker launched three grenades and started shooting people around him. The gunman was killed in the attack and no one knows why he did it.

China – Criminals here better watch out. Beijing’s police force is trained fighters and most in martial arts. The public was invited to see their fierce moves, including, breaking cinderblocks and blocks of ice. Also at the open house shows of marksmanship by snipers and simulated hostage situations.

Norway – There's still a butter shortage and now folks are getting desperate. That's because people like to bake during the holidays. The shortage is blamed on a low carb fad diet sweeping the country right now. Butter prices are up about 30-percent compared to last year.

Canada – A curious little black bear hitched a ride on the back of a garbage truck in downtown Vancouver.

“Suddenly when the doors opened from the dumpster, a bear hopped out." Wildlife agents returned him back to his home in the woods.

Japan – Talk about more bang for your butt. A new crystal toilet that is worth one-hundred twenty-eight thousand dollars is now on display. Officials are hoping this blinged out potty will bring in the tourist that they lost after the earthquake and tsunami.

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