Egypt, Germany, Nasa Rover

Wednesday, August 22, 2012 - 4:45pm

Around The World(FOX44) Egypt- Egypt wants 4.8 billion dollars from the international monetary fund to boost its battered economy.
members of the fund will return to egypt in a few weeks to review the government's economic plan.

Egypt's economy has seen a widening budget deficit stemming from a decline in tourism and shortage of foreign investment since last year's uprising.

Germany- Construction workers excavating an underground train station in Germany discovered a wooly mammoth tusk.
The tusks equaling the weight 75 pound tucks is more than ten thousand years old.

At first the workers thought it was a piece of pipe.
experts checked to see if more of the mammoth was nearby--but they didn't find anything else.

Experts think the tusk may have broken off and been carried by water from a melting glacier downstream to where it was found.


Nasa Rover- The Mars rover Curiosity has completed its first test drive.
It is the first time the rover has moved from its landing site since it
touched down on Mars 16 days ago.

NASA scientists say the successful spin proves the rover is capable of
exploring more of the red planet.
Curiosity was on the roll for about four to five minutes.

it went forward, turned, and reversed, ending up about 20 feet from its
landing site.
if everything goes well, curiosity will take off on longer journeys to explore whether mars ever had an environment capable of
supporting life.

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