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Thursday, February 2, 2012 - 7:59pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Egypt, it’s an all too familiar scene in Cairo, protesters and police are clashing again near Tahrir Square. These people are blaming the country's military for not protecting soccer fans when 74-fans were killed at a game yesterday. Trying to pacify the protesters, the government has fired two high ranking officials and promises an investigation.

Japan – Three people are dead after an avalanche at a Hot Spring resort. A 131-foot stretch of snow collapsed last night and crushed three structures that housed bedrock baths. So far heavy snowfall has played a role in 56-deaths in Japan since November.

Chile – Wild fires have burned more than 500-acres of land west of Santiago. At least 3-fires are burning. Firefighters are trying to control the flames before the wind changes.

China – The last living ancient falconry tribe is seen here preserving the old practice of training eagles. They train the eagles for 2-months before using them to hunt. Hunting with birds has been a common sport in these isolated villages for centuries.

Germany – A man feasted on a 64-year-old can of lard just to not waste food. He received the can in a U.S. care package in the dark days after World War II and never threw it away. He opened the can and shouted “wonder-bar!" because it smelled okay. Then they spread the lard on some bread and enjoyed it.

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